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The human diet is rich with molecules that have been shown to play a role in both the prevention and treatment of viral disease by acting as medicines. Of particular relevance are plant-based foods that possess a complex profile of molecules of various chemical classes such as alkaloids, flavonoids, coumarins, terpenoids and indoles. Laboratory studies revealed multiple mechanisms of action by which these dietary compounds exert their action against functional and genetically diverse viruses. Furthermore, there is a growing body of evidence that poor dietary habits and diet related comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are responsible for most poor outcomes from COVID-19 across the globe. Dietary constituents and consequent design of phytochemically rich “hyper foods” with disease beating properties can be a safe and cost-effective method for developing tailored strategies against many diseases including COVID-19.

The Top Ranked Anti-COVID-19 Foods

Berries, cruciferous vegetables, apples, citrus fruits, garlic and beans

Roasted Romanesco - Hyperfood

An easy and fast recipe using 3 of the anti-COVID-19 Hyperfoods to create very satisfying dish, good for all seasons but especially in the winter

Vegetable Mousse - Hyperfood

This is a gourmet dish that is delicious and will surprise even the most demanding bud tastes. You can use it in many different ways and it will protect against infections